IC's, processors en geheugen

HEC artikelnr Omschrijving
0417 LCP
10937P-50 Frequentie teller
11 C82
11 C90 Prescaler 650MHz div 10
11 C90DC Prescaler 650MHz div 10
2101-4 256 x 4 SRAM 400nS
2101A-2 1K x 1 SRAM 200nS
2101A-4 1K x 1 SRAM 200nS
2102-2 1K x 1 SRAM 200nS
2102A-1 1K x 1 SRAM 100nS
2111A-4 256 x 4 SRAM 400nS
2114 L 1K x 4 SRAM 150nS
24C02P 256 x 8 CMOS EEPROM
24C04P 512 x 8 CMOS EEPROM
24C32P 4K x 8 CMOS EEPROM 10nS
2708-45 1K x 8 EPROM 450nS
27128-20 16K x 8 EPROM 200nS Vpp 12.5V
2716-35 2K x 8 EPROM 350nS
27C010 128K x 8 C-MOS EPROM
27C128-20 16K x 8 EPROM 200nS Vpp 12.5V
27C2001-10 256K x 8 C-MOS EPROM 100nS
27C256-10 32K x 8 C-MOS EPROM 100nS
27C32-20 4K x 8 C-MOS EPROM 200nS
27C4001-10 512K x 8 C-MOS EPROM 100nS
27C512-10 64K x 8 C-MOS EPROM 100nS
27C512-10 PLCC 64K x 8 C-MOS EPROM 100nS
27C64A-10 8K x 8 C-MOS EPROM 100nS
28C16A 2K x 8 EEPROM 150nS DIL-24
28C256D 32K x 8 EEPROM 250nS C-DIL-28
28C64-20 8K x 8 EEPROM 200nS DIL-28
29F040-90JC 512Kx8CMOS FEPROM 90nS PLCC-32
325341-08 Kernal rom Commador printer
41256-10 256K x 1 DRAM 100nS
41464-80 64K x 4 DRAM 100nS
43256-10 32K x 8 C-MOS SRAM 100nS
4N 28 Coupler ISO 500V CTR 10%
61C64 8K x 8 C-MOS SRAM
6264 8K x 8 static RAM
6264 8K x 8 Static RAM
6301 IJ
6502 C-MOS 8 bits uP
6512 Microprocessor
6520P Parallel Interface Adaptor
6526 Complex Interface Adaptor
6532 C-MOS RAM I/O Timer
6551 Async Inrface Adapt 2MHz
65C02-P3 C-MOS 8 bits uP
65C02-P4 C-MOS 8 bits uP
65C22-P2 C-MOS Vers Interf Adapt
65C51-P-1 C-MOS Async.Interf.Adapt.1 Mhz
65C51-P-2 C-MOS Async.Interf.Adapt.2 Mhz
65SC32-P1-1 C-MOS RAM I/O Timer
65SC32-P1-2 C-MOS RAM I/O Timer
6810 128 x 8 SRAM
6843 Floppy Disk Controller (HD 46503)
68B10L 128 x 8 SRAM
68B10P 128 x 8 SRAM
71256-25 RAM 32 X 8
77 3312
77 3393
78GCP Voltage regulator 5/30 V 1 A
79GUIC Voltage regulator -5/-30V 1A
79HGSD Voltage regulator -5/-30V 1A
93C46 SMD
A1- 2405 5 40 MHZ PRAM
AD 1403
AD 518JH
AD 542
AD 544JH Bi Fet OpAmp
AD 558JN 8 bit uP Compatible DAC
AD 562
AD 584JN
AD 5901H IC
AD 590JH Sensor Analog Devices AD590JH
AD 592AN
AD 670 8 Bits AD Converter
AD 693
AD 711
AD 712
AD 7226KN
AD 7512D C-MOS 2 x Analog switch
AD 7523JN 8b A/D C-MOS multipexer
AD 7524JN
AD 7531JN 12 bit Multiplying DAC
AD 7531KN 12 bit Multiplying DAC
AD 7541AJN 12 bit Multiplying DAC
AD 7543JN
AD 7569JN 8b C-MOS Analog IO Syst
AD 7574JN DIL-18
AD 7576JN DIL-18
AD 8042AN
AD 8042AR
AD 811
AD 821
AD 830 JR
AD 9057BRS
AD 9833
AD8300 3.5 STEREO > 2 RCA
ADC 0804 8-bit AD Converter DIP-20
ADC 0808
ADC 0809 N
ADC 0817 CCN
ADC 0820CCN 8b uP.Comp.AD Converter
ADC 0831CCN 8b uP Comp.AD Converter
AFMI40 40mm afstandbus M3
AM 26LS30PC Dual Diff. Line Driver
AM 26LS31PC Quad Diff. Line Driver
AM 26LS32PC Quad Diff.Line Receiver
AM 2833 Shift Register Single Serial I
AM 5380PC Controller
AM 7910 Modem Circuit
AM 7911 Modem Circuit
AM 7968-125DC
AM 8228PC
AMI 16271
AMP 03
AN 115 DIL-14
AN 217P DIL-16
AN 234
AN 236 DIL-16
AN 240 TV sound IF
AN 245 DIL-16
AN 253P DIL-16
AN 260P DIL-14
AN 262 Record.+ Playback Circ.
AN 264 DIL-14
AN 295 DIL-24
AN 301 DIL-16
AN 302
AN 303 DIL-18
AN 305 DIL-16
AN 313 DIL-16
AN 315 SIL-11
AN 316 DIL-16
AN 337 DIL-28
AN 360 Low Noise Pre-Amp. Circ.
AN 362L DIL-16
AN 363N DIL-16
AN 366P DIL-16
AN 370 SIL-7
AN 374P Audio Power Amp. Circ.
AN 377 DIL-16
AN 5431 Horiz. Vertical + Sync
AN 5510 SIL-10
AN 5512 SIL-9
AN 5612 CTV Video + Chroma Circ
AN 5620 CTV Chroma Circuit
AN 5720 Complete Video Detector
AN 5790 TV Display Driver
AN 5791 Display Phase Shift
AN 5900 Switching Reg.Controller
AN 612 Balance Modulator Circ.
AN 6332 VTR Playback Circuit
AN 6341N Servo Cntrl. Circuit
AN 6342N Reference Freq. Divider
AN 6350 Cylinder Servo Cntrl.
AN 6361N Color APC Circuit
AN 6540 4 Lead Adj. Pos. Reg.
AN 6551 Dual Opamp.
AN 6552 Dual Opamp.
AN 6610 Motor Controller
AN 6671
AN 7060 High Volt.Hi-Fi Pwr.Amp.
AN 7110 Audio Power Amp. 1.2W
AN 7111 Audio Power Amp. 1.2W
AN 7115 SIL-9
AN 7117 IC AN7117
AN 7145 Dual 5.8W Audio Pwr.Amp
AN 7146 Dual 5.8W Audio Pwr.Amp
AN 7150 LF Power Amp. 18W
AN 7151 SIL-11
AN 7156 Dual 5.8W Audio Pwr.Amp
AN 7158 Dual LF Power Amp. 7.5W
AN 7160 LF Power Amp. 18W
AN 7161 LF Power Amp. 20W
AN 7166
AN 7168 Dual LF Power Amp. 5.8W
AN 7178 SIL-12
AN 7218 AM Tuner FM/AM IF Amp.
AN 7223
AN 7224 AM Tuner FM/AM IF Amp.
AN 7310 Dual Pre-Amplifier
AN 7311 Dual Pre-Amplifier
AN 8275 SIL-12
AS 7C164-12 RAM 8 X 8
AS 7C256-20 RAM 32 X 8
AS 7C256-25 RAM 32 X 8
BA 1310F Stereo Decoder
BA 15218N LN H. Slew R.Dual Opamp
BA 222 RC Timer
BA 301 Low Freq. Pre Amp.
BA 311 Low Freq. Pre Amp.
BA 312
BA 313 Low Freq. Pre Amp.
BA 333 Low Freq. Pre Amp.
BA 3516 LF Pre Amp.+ Power Amp.
BA 511A SIL-10
BA 514 Audio IC
BA 518 SIL-8
BA 521 SIL-10
BA 524 SIL-10
BA 526 Single Power Amplifier
BA 527 Single Power Amplifier
BA 532 Single Power Amplifier
BA 534 Single Power Amplifier
BA 536 SIL-12
BA 5402A Dual 4.5W power ampl.
BA 5406 Dual Power Amplifier
BA 5410 Dual Power Amplifier
BA 5412 SIL-12
BA 6109 Reversible Motor Driver
BA 6209 SIL-10
BA 6219B Reversible Motor Driver
BA 6259N
BA 631 DIL-14
BA 65
BA 656
BA 658 DIL-16
BA 718 Dual Opamp.
BH 15218
CA 1310 PLL FM MPX Stereo Decoder
CA 3011 TO-99
CA 3015 Wideband Opamp.
CA 3018 TO-99
CA 3028A TO-99
CA 3030 Opamp
CA 3040 TO-99
CA 3046 Differential Tr Pair
CA 3049T 2 Dual Diff. Ampl. 500 Mhz
CA 3052 DIL-14
CA 3053 TO-99
CA 3054 DIL-14
CA 3059 DIL-14
CA 3060E DIL-16
CA 3065E DIL-14
CA 3078T
CA 3079 DIL-14
CA 3080 OTA Amplifier
CA 3080E2 OTA Amplifier
CA 3080S OTA Amplifier
CA 3081 IC CA3081
CA 3082 7 NPN Trans.Com.Collect
CA 3083 5 NPN Trans. Array
CA 3084 Trans. Array
CA 3085A TO-99
CA 3089E TV Sound-IF FM-IF Demod
CA 3090AQ Stereo Decoder
CA 3094AE Programmable Opamp
CA 3094AT Programmable Opamp
CA 3096E Transistor Array
CA 3100E BIMOS Opamp
CA 3100T BIMOS Opamp
CA 3127 5 Independent NPN Trans.
CA 3130T BIMOS Opamp.
CA 3131 EM LF-eindversterker
CA 3140E OPAMP BIMOS +/- 18V 9V/us DIL-
CA 3140T BIMOS Opmap.
CA 3146AE Trans. Array
CA 3162E A/D Converter
CA 3189E TV Sound-IF FM-IF Demod
CA 3240E Dual BIMOS Opamp.
CA 3240E1 Dual BIMOS Opamp.
CC-210 4 x LSP push terminal board
CC-211 2 x LSP push terminal board
CD 22100E GOTO M 2 4 x 4 Crosspointswitch DIL-16
CD 22103AE Transcoder+Error Detect.DIL-16
CD 22105E 4 Digit LCD Decodr/Drvr.DIL-40
CD 22204E Low Pwr. DTMF Receiver
CD 22204E Low Pwr. DTMF Receiver DIL-14
CD 22859E Dual-Tone Tone Generatr.DIL-16
CEM 3330 Dual Voltage Contr Ampl.
CL 63C256-20 RAM 32 X 8
CMP 404
COM 81C17 UART with BR gen
CPV 363MF 4 voudige FET driver
CR 390 Constant current
CSG 8520
D 8049
D 8155 256 x 8 SRAM I/O & Timer 5 MHz
D 8257 DMA Controller 3 MHz
D 8259 Prog. Interupt Controller
D 8749HC
DAC 0831LCN 8b uP. Comp. DA Convrtr
DAC 1006LCN Dual 8b Buffered DAC
DAC 1408A D/A conv 8-Bit Mult Hi-Speed
DAC 80 D/A converter
DFC 102B
DFC 102U
DG 508ACJ Multiplexer CMOS 4 channel
DG 508CJ Multiplexer CMOS 4 channel
DM 8124N J-K-Type Flip-Flop
DM 8131N Identity Comparator
DM 81LS95 Octal Buffer TS
DM 81LS96 Octal Buffer Inverter TS
DM 81LS97 Octal Buffer TS
DM 81LS98 Octal Buffer Inverter TS
DM 8554 Synchronous Up Counter
DM 8678 Character Generator
DP 8212 8-Bit Input/Output Port
DP 8216 4-Bit Bidirec. Bus Drvr.
DP 8226 4-Bit Inv. Bidirec. Bus Drvr.
DP 8228
DP 8304 Bidirectional Bus Transceiver
DS 1232 Micro Monitor Chip DIL-8
DS 1233 Voltage Monitor Circuit
DS 1669-10 Digital Rheostat
DS 2009-35
DS 3648N Tri-State TTL > Cmos Multipl
DS18BG20 Temperatuursensor
DS18S20 Temperatuursensor
DT 72225
EA 2007
EA 7317B C-MOS Dig.Clk + Datum
EF 6840P
EF 6850P Async.Interface Adapter
EF 68B40P
EF 9364 CRT Processor TV-VDU converter
EF 9366 CRT Graphic Displ. Processor
EM 51256-15 RAM 32 X 8
ER 1400 EAROM 100x14 Bit
F 936 PC
F 944 DC
F 946 PC
F 9602
FCB 61C65L
FCH 191 2 Input Quad NAND Gate
FD 1771 Floppy Controler (single densi
FD 1791 Floppy Controller (Single + du
GAL 16V8B 75mA 10nS
GM 16C550 CMOS Asynch. Rec.+FIFO
GM 76C256
GM 76C28A-10
H 110D1
HA 10937
HA 11211 AM tuner + AM/FM IF
HA 11223 Stereo decoder
HA 11235 CTV HA-/VA-Synchr + osc
HA 1124 DIL-14
HA 1137 W
HA 1137W DIL-16
HA 1151 DIL-14
HA 1156W
HA 1156W DIL-14
HA 1196 DIL-16
HA 1197 DIL-16
HA 1199 DIL-16
HA 1201 DIL-8
HA 12017 NF-V. ra. Ucc=24V
HA 1202 DIL-8
HA 12044 DIL-18
HA 1211 SIL-7
HA 13001 Dual Pwr Ampl 12V 5.5W
HA 1306W DIL-10+
HA 13119 Dual LF Pwr. Amp.
HA 13158 LF Pwr. Amp. 4 x 34W 13.5V
HA 1322 NF-E 18V 2.25A 5.5W
HA 1338R NF-E 33V 4.1A 6W
HA 1366 NF-E 18V 4.5A 5.5W
HA 1368 SIL-10
HA 1371 NF-E 15V 3A 7.3W
HA 1374
HA 1377 2x NF-E 18V 4.5A 2x5.8W
HA 1392 SIL-12
HA 1394 Switching Regulator
HA 1396 SIL-12
HA 1397 SIL-12
HA 1398 SIL-12
HA 1406 SIL-7
HA 1452 Dual LF Ampl
HA 1453
HA 1457W NF-V -ra Ucc=25V
HA 17903
HD 3692
HD 3811
HD 43110
HD 43327
HD 68B45 = (HD 46505)
HM 3-65764-5 RAM 8 X 8
HM 41256-8
HM 6116 2K x 8 SRAM
HM 62256LP-12
HM 6264 LP-70
HP 4100 Loop Coupler Transmitter 20mA
HP 4200 Loop Coupler Receiver 20mA
HPCL 2730 2 High Speed Coupler CTR >400%
HPCL 2731 2 High Speed Coupler CTR >400%
HPCL 4100 Loop Coupler Transmitter 20mA
HPCL 4200 Loop Coupler Receiver 20mA
HPF 511 Balanced Demodulator
HPR 105
HT 8972
HY 53C256-10
HY 53C464-80
HYB 41256-12
HYB 511000-60 1Mx1 page mode DRAM
HYB 511000-70 1Mx1 page mode DRAM
HYB 514256-60
I 111B
ICE 2 B265
ICE 2 B765
ICL 7107 IC ICL7107CPL
ICL 7116 3½ AD Conv.+mem.LCD Drv
ICL 7126CPL 3« AD Conv.LCD Drv.LPwr
ICL 7129CPL 4« AD Convrt. LCD Drvr.
ICL 7611 DCBA smd
ICL 7660CP Switched Cap.Volt.Conv.
ICL 7665ACPA Prog.Under/Over V.Detect.
ICL 8038CP Precision Waveform Gen.
ICL 8073CP Temp Transducer/Sensor
ICM 7038A
ICM 7170 uP. Real Time Clock
ICM 7207AI Timebase Gen. 5.2428MHz
ICM 7216A 8 digit Freq Counter/Timer
ICM 7216B 8 digit Freq Counter/Timer
ICM 7216D 8 digit Freq Counter/Timer
ICM 7217C 4 digit LED up/down counter
ICM 7217IJL 4 digit LED up/down counter
ICM 7224IPL 4.5 Digit LCD Counter
ICM 7226B 8 digit Freq Counter/Timer
ICM 7250 Programmable Timer
ICM 7555I C-MOS Timer
ICM 7556IPD Dual C-MOS Timer
ICS 1700AN Ni-Cad Charge Cntrlr.
IDCW 08C 8 polig female socket
IMS 1423 4K x 4 SRAM 35nS
INS 8060 Microprozessor (SC/MP 3)
INS 8154 128 x 8bit RAM & I/O
INS 8247
INS 8255
IS 61C256AH-20
IS 61C64-15 RAM 8 X 8
ITS 3242-1
KA 2206 Dual Audio Pwr.Amp.2.3W
KA 2212 LF Power Amp. 0.5W
KA 2214 Dual LF Pwr. Amp. 1W
KIA 6210 Pwr Ampl 2x18W 25V = TA8210
KIA 6227H Dual LF Power Amp. 5.5W
KIA 7227 Dual LF Power Amp. 5.5W
KM 4164-15 64K x 1 DRAM 100nS
KM 41C1000AP-8
KM 41C256 -8
KM 44C256-7
KM 62256BLP-7
KTY 81-110 Temperatuur sensor 1KOhm ±1% T
KTY 81-120 Temp. Sensor 980-1020ê
L 120AB
L 165 Power Opamp
L 202B
L 272
L 272M Dual Power Opamp.
L 292 SMP Drivr.for DC Motors
L 293D Stepper Motor Driver
L 293D Stepper Motor Driver
L 293E Stepper Motor Driver
L 293N Stepper Motor Driver
L 294 SMP Solenoid Driver
L 295 Dual Solenoid Driver
L 296H Switched Regulator 4A
L 297 Stepper Motor Driver
L 298N Dual Full-Bridge Driver
L 4941B
L 4960 2.5A Pwr. Switching Reg.
L 4962A 1.5A Pwr. Switching Reg.
L 4963W
L 6203 4A Pwr.Bridge Driver
L 702 Darlington Array
LA 1201 AM/FM IF with AGC
LA 1205 FM/AM IF Amp.
LA 1210 AM/FM IF with AGC
LA 1235 FM IF Amp. with Muting
LA 1240 AM Tuning System
LA 1352 TV Video IF with AGC
LA 1353 TV Video IF with AGC
LA 1353C TV Video IF with AGC
LA 1365 TV Sound IF Amp.
LA 1387 CTV Synchronization
LA 2100 FM Noise Suppressor
LA 2101 FM Noise Suppressor
LA 2200 ARI System-SK Type
LA 3122 Dual LF Pwr. Amp. 20V
LA 3130 Dual LF Amp. Vcc 36V
LA 3160 Dual Equalizer Amp. 9V
LA 3161 Dual Equalizer Amp. 9V
LA 3210 Equalizer Amp. with ALC
LA 3350 PLL FM Multiplex.Demod.
LA 3361 PLL FM Multiplex.Demod.
LA 3373 PLL FM-MPX Demodulator
LA 3600
LA 4100 LF Power Amp. Vcc 6V
LA 4101 LF Power Amp. Vcc 7.5V
LA 4102 LF Power Amp. Vcc 9V
LA 4182 Dual Tape Rec.Power Amp.
LA 4260 Dual Power Amp. 2.5W
LA 4270 Dual Power Amp. 6.5W
LA 4420 LF Power Amp. 5.5W
LA 4422 LF Power Amp. 5.8W
LA 4440 Dual Power Amp. 6W
LA 4445 Dual Power Amp. 5.5W
LA 4446
LA 4460 LF Power Amp. 12W
LA 4461 Video LF ampl
LA 4538 SMD Koptelefoon Ampl 1.5V
LA 4570 Dual Opamp.
LA 4620 ZIP-23
LA 5512 Midget DC Motorspeed contr.
LA 5523 Low Volt. Motor Contrllr
LA 6324 IC Quad Op-Amp
LA 6510 Dual Power Amp.12V 2.5W
LA 6524
LA 7210 VCR Sync. Detector
LA 7330 DIL-24
LA 7800 Sync./Deflection Circ.
LA 7823 Sync./Deflection Circ.
LA 7841
LA 7910 IC LA7910
LB 1234 7 Darlington Array
LB 1405 LED Level Meter Driver
LB 1410 LED Level Meter Driver
LB 1426 LED Level Meter Driver
LB 1641 SIL-10
LB 1649 Dual Bidirect. Mtr.Drvr
LC 324256-70
LC 7218
LC 7800 uP. Input Expander
LC 7818 2 Pole.5 Position Swtch
LD 111CJ
LD 3141 Low Noise Equalizer
LF 347 Widebnd.Quad JFET Opamp
LF 351H Wideband JFET Opamp.
LF 353 Dual Wideband JFET Opamp.
LF 353M Dual Wideband JFET Opamp.
LF 353N Dual JFET Opamp +/- 18V Low No
LF 355 Low Power JFET Opamp.
LF 355H Low Power JFET Opamp.
LF 355N Low Power JFET Opamp
LF 356 Wide Band JFET Opamp.
LF 356N Wide Band JFET Opamp.
LF 357 Dual JFET Opamp +/- 18V Low No
LF 357H Decompensated JFET Opamp
LF 398H Sampl. & Hold Circuit
LF 398N Sampl. & Hold Circuit
LF 411 Low Drift JFET Opamp.
LF 411CN Low Drift JFET Opamp.
LF 412 Dual Low Drft.JFET Opamp
LF 412CP Dual Low Drft.JFET Opamp
LF 442CN Dual Low Pwr. JFET Opamp
LH 0002
LH 0022
LH 0042
LH 0075CG Precision Prog.Regulator
LH 0082 Z80A CTC
LM 1035 2x Audio DC Balance. Volume
LM 1037N Dual 4 Chnl. Analog Sw.
LM 105H
LM 1085 LT 3.3 Spannings regulator
LM 10CH Opamp. & Volt. Reference
LM 10CN Opamp. & Volt. Reference
LM 1111 Dolby Sound
LM 1115 CN 8
LM 1203 RGB Video Amplifier
LM 1204 RGB Video Amplifier
LM 1205 DC Video Amp. 130MHz
LM 120K Spanningsreglaar -15v
LM 1310 PLL FM Stereo decoder
LM 135Z Temp sensor
LM 13600 Dual transcond. OpAmp.
LM 13700 Dual transcond. OpAmp.
LM 1458N8 Dual OPAMP Low power +-18V DIL
LM 1458N8 OpAmp
LM 1496N Balanced Mod/Demodulatr
LM 1558H Dual Opamp
LM 1801N Bat.Feed Pwr.Comparator
LM 1830N Fluid Detector
LM 1875 20W Power Amplifier
LM 1881N Video Sync. Separator
LM 1886N TV Video D to A Matrix
LM 1889N TV Video Modulator
LM 1895N 1W Power Amplifier
LM 1897N Low Noise Pre Amplifier
LM 201H Opamp.
LM 207 Opamp.
LM 208AJ Opamp
LM 211H Voltage Comparator
LM 211J
LM 239N Quad Comparator +/- 18V 300ns
LM 2901 Quad comp low pwr low offset
LM 2903 Dual Low Pwr.Comparator
LM 2907 Freq. to Volt.Converter
LM 2907M8 Freq. to Volt.Converter
LM 2917 Frequency to Voltage Converter
LM 293
LM 301AH Opamp.
LM 302H Voltage Follower
LM 307J-14 Opamp.
LM 307P
LM 308AH Low Noise Opamp.
LM 308AN Low Noise Opamp.
LM 308H Opamp.
LM 308T Low Noise Opamp.
LM 310H Voltage Follower
LM 310N Voltage Follower
LM 311D Voltage Comparator
LM 311H Voltage Comparator
LM 311N-14 Voltage Comparator
LM 311N-8 Voltage Comparator
LM 318J14 High Speed Opamp.
LM 318N-8 High Speed Opamp.
LM 319N Dual High Spd.Comparatr
LM 320P
LM 324N Quad OPAMP Low Power DIL-8
LM 331N V/F Converter
LM 334Z Adjustable Currnt.Source
LM 335Z Temperatuur sensor LM 335Z TO-
LM 336Z 2.5 2.5V Reference Circuit
LM 336Z 5.0 5.0V Reference Circuit
LM 339 Quad Comparator +-18V 300ns
LM 344 Opamp ±34V
LM 346 Quad Programmable Opamp
LM 348 Quad Comparator +-18V 300ns
LM 349N Quad Wideband Opamp.
LM 358 Dual OPAMP DIL-8
LM 358H Dual Low Power Opamp.
LM 35CZ Temperatuur sensor LM 35CZ
LM 35DZ Prec.Temp. 0/+100 Sensor
LM 360 High Speed Diff.Compartr
LM 380N-14 1W Audio Power Amp.
LM 380N-8 1W Audio Power Amp.
LM 381N Dual Low Noise Pre Amp.
LM 382N Dual Low Noise Pre Amp.
LM 384N 5W Audio Power Amp.
LM 385LP 1.2 1.2V Reference Diode
LM 386N-1 Audio Power Amp. Vcc 6V
LM 386N-4 Audio Power Amp. Vcc 16V
LM 3875T
LM 387N Low Noise Dual Pre Amp.
LM 388 1.5W Audio Power Amp.
LM 3886T Audio Power Amp. 20V
LM 389N Low Vcc.Audio Power Amp
LM 3900N Quad Amplifier
LM 390N 1W Audio Power Amp.
LM 3911 Temperature Controller
LM 3914 Dot/Bar Display Driver
LM 3915 Dot/Bar Display Driver
LM 3916 IC LM3916N
LM 391N-100 100V Audio Power Driver
LM 391N-80 80V Audio Power Driver
LM 392 LM392N
LM 393N LM393AN
LM 395K Ultra Reliable Pwr.Trs.
LM 398
LM 4700TF
LM 4701
LM 566CN Volt.Contrlld Oscilator
LM 709N-14 Operational Amplifier
LM 710 N14 Voltage Comparator
LM 710CN
LM 710H Voltage Comparator
LM 711H Dual Voltage Comparator
LM 711N-14 Dual Voltage Comparator
LM 725
LM 733CH Differential Video Amp.
LM 747 Dual Opamp.
LM 75CC1M5 Digital Temperature Sensor
LM 833 Op Amp low noise
LMC 835 Digital Graphic Equalizer 14 B
LNK 304GN Switching power
LNK 304PN Switching power
LNK 305GN Switching power
LNK 305PN Switching power
LNK 306PN Switching power
LNK 364PN Switching power
LR 8N-G Spannings regelaar 400v
LS 7060 32 bit Cntr + Latch TS
LS 7220 Digital Lock Circuit
LS 7232 Touch Contrl.Triac Drive
LS 7331 uP Cntrlld.Lamp Dimmer
LT 1017
LT 1028CN8 Op-Amp Precision DIP-8
LT 1072 H.Eff.Switch.Reg. 1.25A
LT 1086 CT3.3 Spanning regulator
LT 1115CN8 Audio Op-Amp ULN Low Distortio
LTC 1042
LTC 1052 Zero drift Opamp
LTC 1298 CN8
LY 62256PL-55
M 252B1 Rhythm Generator
M 51251AL TV. Tuning./voltage Synt.
M 5134P TV Auto Fine Tuning
M 5143P Lin IC TV-Ton-ZF
M 51513L 5.8W Power Amplifier
M 51514AL 5.8W Power Amplifier
M 51515BL 5.9W Power Amplifier
M 51516L 12W Power Amplifier
M 51517L Dual 5.5W Power Amp.
M 51521AL Dual Pre-Amplifier
M 51721L Linear Circuit
M 5183P Video IF Amp. + AFC
M 51978FP Switching Regulator SO-16
M 5201L Switching Opamp
M 5218L Dual Opamp.
M 5223L
M 53200P
M 54523P 7 Darlington Trans.
M 54532P 6 NPN Transistors
M 54534P 6 NPN Transistors
M 54543L Bidirectional Mtr.Driver
M 54543L Bidirectional Mtr.Driver
M 54548L Bidirectional Mtr.Drivr
M 54567P Quad Darlington Switch
M 58722
M 81C55 256 x 8 SRAM I/O & Timer 3 MHz
M 8228P System Controller & Bus Driver
M 957 DTMF Receiver
M 959 Dial Pulse Counter
MAB 8048
MAB 8461 P
MAS 7A103 DIL-14
MAS 7D102 NICAM decoder
MAX 1700E Step-Up DC-DC Converter
MAX 2323SMD Triple/Dual-Mode CDMA Mixer
MAX 232BN Dual RS232 Transceiver
MAX 232CWE Dual RS232 Transceiver SO-16w
MAX 233AC RS232E 2xDriver/Receiver 5V DI
MAX 233CPP RS232E 2xDriver/Receiver 5V DI
MAX 238CNG 5V Quad RS232 Transcvr.
MAX 3232CPE Dual RS232 Driver/Rcvr.
MAX 455CPP 8 Chnl. 40MHz Video Amp
MAX 4619CPE C-MOS Analog Multipl/Switch
MAX 487
MAX 680
MAX 690
MAX 691
MAX 712
MAX 713 NiCd/NiMh Batt Charge IC
MAX 713EPE NiCd/NiMh Batt Charge IC
MAX 717
MAX 8211 Prog. Voltage Detector
MB 3730 12W Power Amplifier
MB 3731 18W Power Amplifier
MB 3732 14W Power Amplifier
MB 3735 20W Power Amplifier
MB 3759 Switching Regulator
MB 3771 Power supply monitor
MB 501L Prescaler 1.1 GHz
MB 8264A-15
MB 8414
MB 8719 Linear Circuit
MB 8876 Floppy Disk Ctrl. f. IBM 3740
MB 89321
MB 89322A
MC 1004
MC 1010
MC 10102 ECL Quad 2-inp NOR hi-speed
MC 10103P ECL Quad 2-inp OR hi-speed
MC 1010P
MC 10113P Quad Exclusive OR Gate
MC 10118L ECL Dual 3 OR-AND hi-speed
MC 1013
MC 10136P Univ.Hexadecimal Countr
MC 10166L ECL 5-Bit Magnitude Comparator
MC 10197P Hex AND Gate w Strobe Cap.
MC 10211L Dual 3-Input/3-Output NOR Gate
MC 1023
MC 10231P ECL Dual D Flip-Flop
MC 1026
MC 1027
MC 1035
MC 1039
MC 1303L Dual OpAmp
MC 1310E FM stereo decoder
MC 1314P
MC 1314P
MC 1327 Chroma dec.+ PAL Switch
MC 1330 A1P
MC 1330A1P Video IF Amplifier
MC 1330P
MC 1330P Video IF Amplifier
MC 1349 TV. Video-ZF
MC 1352P Video IF Amp.+ AGC
MC 1377 CTV. RGB->PAL/NTSC Encoder
MC 1378 Composit Video Sync.Gen
MC 1408L8 D/A 8-bit multiplexing
MC 14160 Sync dec Up/Down Counter
MC 1430
MC 1437L
MC 1437L Dual OpAmp
MC 1438R Power Amplifier
MC 1439G OpAmp
MC 14411P Bit-Rate Freq.Generator
MC 14412P
MC 14415 Quad Precision Timer/Driver
MC 14433 3.5 Digit AD Converter
MC 14450
MC 14461
MC 14469P Adressble.Asyn.Transcvr
MC 14490P Hex Contact Eliminator
MC 14497 PCM Remote Contr.Transmitter
MC 145026
MC 145026P IC Motorola MC145026P
MC 145027
MC 145028
MC 1450P
MC 145406
MC 1456 OpAmp
MC 14561BCL 9's Complementer for BCD
MC 14573C Opamp met Prog input current
MC 1458N14 OpAmp
MC 1460R
MC 1466 Volt / Current reg
MC 146805
MC 146818 Real Time Clock + RAM
MC 1469R
MC 1488 Quad RS232C Driver DIP-14
MC 1489 Quad Line Receiver SO-14
MC 1494
MC 1553G Video Amplifier
MC 1594 Quad Multiplier
MC 1651 Dual A/D converter
MC 1710CL
MC 1711 Dual 710 comperator
MC 1711CG
MC 1711CP
MC 1711G
MC 1712CG Op Amp
MC 1712CL
MC 1712CL Op Amp
MC 1712G
MC 1776 Opamp micropower
MC 2023
MC 2833 Low Pwr. FM Transmitter
MC 3064
MC 3242AP Addres.Multiplxr/Countr
MC 33035 P
MC 3303DP Differential Quad Opamp.
MC 33064P-5 Spanning referentie IC 5V . -4
MC 33079 G
MC 3357P Low Power FM IF Amp.
MC 3403P No Distortion Quad Opam
MC 34063 Switching Reg. 2.5-40V
MC 34064P-5 Spanning referentie IC 4.5 - 7
MC 3410CL 10-bit High speed DA/conv
MC 34119P Low Pwr. Audio Amplifier
MC 3440AP
MC 3448AL
MC 3470P Floppy to TTL System
MC 3479P Bipol.Stepper Mtr.Drivr
MC 3486P Quad Diff.Line Receiver
MC 3487P Quad Diff. Line Driver
MC 4044P MTTL Phase Detector
MC 44602
MC 44602P2 High Perf current mode contr.
MC 44603P DIL-16
MC 44604 SMPS i+v-mode ic 250khz
MC 44608P40 high volt.pwm contr. 40kh
MC 68008P8
MC 68120L1 Intel. Peripheral Contr. With
MC 682 P
MC 6820P
MC 6821P Peripheral Interf adapter 1MHz
MC 682P
MC 6832P9
MC 6845 CRT Controller
MC 6847
MC 6852P Synch Serial Data Adapter
MC 6860L
MC 6860P Async.Interface Adapter
MC 6862L 1200/2400 bps DPSK mod
MC 68652P2 Multi-Prot.Comm. Contr.
MC 68653
MC 68661PA
MC 6881P Triple bi-direc bus switch
MC 68B50 Async.Interface Adapter
MC 68HC11E1
MC 68HC24
MC 717
MC 724
MC 72710
MC 824P DIL-14
MC 833 MDTL Dual 4Inp.Expander
MC 845
MC 853
MC 887
MC 899
MC 9818
MCM 4116-L30 16K x 1 DRAM 150nS
MCM 66740 Character Generator
MCM 66760 Character Generator
MCM 6830L7
MCP 2510 Bit Timing Calculator
MCP 3002 I/P
MDA 2020 LF Power Amp.+-18V 20W
MDA 2062 128 x 8 EEPROM
MEA 2901
MI 6518-9
MI 6551-5
MI 6611-9
MID 400 Spannings regelaar
MK 3870
MK 3880
MK 3884 Serial IO Cont 4MHz = Z80A-SIO
MK 3887
MK 48256LN-100
MK 50395N Six Decade Counter
MK 50398N Six Decade Counter
ML 927 Remote Control Receiver
ML 928 Remote Control Receiver
MM 2102AN-4 1K x 1 SRAM 400nS
MM 2114 N-L 1K x 4 SRAM 300nS
MM 5240AB 2K x 1 DRAM
MM 53105N
MM 5318N TV Digital Clock
MM 53200N DIL-14
MM 53200P DIL-14
MM 5369 Osc./Divider 60 Hz.
MM 5387AA Digital Alarm Clock
MM 5439N FIP Display Driver
MM 5452N Liquid Crystal Display Drivers
MM 57160N Timer + Controller
MM 5841N TV Time/Channel readout
MM 80C95 6-Bit Buffer/Driver
MM 80C97 Hex Buffer TS
MM 88C30N DIL-14
MN 3008 / TDA2108 2048 Step Delay Circuit
MN 3101 Delay Clock Circ.
MN 5316 Digital Alarm Clock
MN 574 AK
MOC 3011
MOC 3040
MOC 3062
MOC 612
MPQ 6100
MSA 0886 HF Amplifier
MSK 4116-P2 16K x 1 DRAM 150nS
MSL 2318RS Prescaler
MSL 9351
MSM 5523RS RF Counter with Clock
MT 8880 DTMF Tranceiver
MUX 08FP 8 Chnnl JFET Multiplexr
MV 500B 32-code PPM transmitter
MV 8870 DTMF Receiver
N 82S100N FPLA 48 Produkt Terms 35nS
N 82S123N 32 x 8 Bipolar PROM TS 25nS
N 82S23 32 x 8 Bipolar PROM OC 25nS
NE 4881
NE 5044N Prog. 7 Chnl.RC Encoder
NE 5045N 7 Channel RC Decoder
NE 5046N 2 Channel RC Decoder
NE 5050N Power Line Modem
NE 5090N 8 bit Interface Circ.OC
NE 5205N Wideband HF Amplifier
NE 521N Dual Voltage Comparator High-S
NE 522N 2 Diff.Comp./Sense Amp.
NE 527N Voltage Comparator
NE 529N Voltage Comparator
NE 530
NE 531N High Slew Rate Opamp.
NE 532N 2 High Slew Rate Opamps.
NE 538N Very High SlewRate Opamp
NE 540L Power driver
NE 542N Dual Low Noise Opamp.
NE 543K Servo Driver
NE 5514N Quad High Input Opamp.
NE 5517N 2 Transconductance Amp.
NE 5532AN Dual OPAMP Low Noise sel. DIL-
NE 5534AN Dual OPAMP Low Noise sel. DIP-
NE 5537N Sample & Hold Amplifier
NE 555P Timer Circuit
NE 556 Dual Timer Circuit
NE 5560 SMP Control Circuit
NE 5561 SMP Control Circuit
NE 558N Quad Timer Circuit
NE 562B
NE 564N PLL Circuit
NE 567N PLL Tone Decoder
NE 570N Analog Compandor
NE 570N14 Analog Compandor
NE 571N Analog Compandor
NE 572N Dual Analog Compandor
NE 590N 8 bit Interface OC
NE 591N 8 bit Interface OE
NE 592N14
NE 592N8
NE 594N 8 Dig.Fluorescens Drivr
NE 602AN Narrow Band NE 612N
NE 604AN Narrow Band NE 614N
NE 605N Single Chip FM System
NE 612
NE 614AN Two Balanced Mixer/Osc.
NE 645
NE 646
NJM 2068L Dual Opamp. DIL-8
NMC 9306
NME 1205E DC converter
OFW 361 38.9 MHz.IF Carrier Fltr
OFWG 1958 38.9 MHz.IF Carrier Fltr
OFWG 1968 38.9 MHz.IF Carrier Fltr
OFWG 1968M 38.9 MHz.IF Carrier Fltr
OM 161
OM 206
OM 361 40-860 MHz MATV Hybryd
OM 961 Audia Power Amp
OM 991
OP 01CJ Inverting HSpeed Opamp
OP 01CP Inverting HSpeed Opamp
OP 05CP Instrumentation Opamp.
OP 07CJ Ultra Low Ofset Opamp.
OP 07DP Ultra Low Ofset Opamp.
OP 11EP Quad Matched 741 Opamp.
OP 14DP 2 Match.High Perf.Opamp.
OP 20
OP 215EZ 2 Precision JFET Opamp
OP 215GP 2 Precision JFET Opamp
OP 221GP Dual Low Power Opamp.
OP 227GY Low noise opamp
OP 249GP Dual JFET HighSpeed Opam
OP 260GP Dual High Speed Opamp.
OP 275 SMD Dual J-FET Audio Opamp
OP 275G DIL-08
OP 279G Dual J-FET Audio Opamp
OP 27EP Low Noise Prec. Opamp.
OP 32GP High Speed Prog. Opamp.
OP 37GP OP-AMP Prec. Low-Noise
OP 470 Low Noise Quad Opamp
OP 50 High Outp.Current Opamp.
OP 77
OPA 103 Opamp
OPA 137 FET Inp. Opamp.
OPA 2134PA
OPA 2604
OPA 604
P 2114 4C 1K x 4 SRAM 150nS
P 68153
P 80C32 8 bit C-MOS uProcessor
P 80C52
P 8237AC-5 Prog. DMA Controller 5 Mhz
P 8271 4 bit Shift Register
P 8295 Matrix Printer Controller
PAL 16L8
PAL 16R4
PBL 3717N Stappen Motor Cntrl
PCD 3310P Pulse & DTMF Dialer
PCD 3360 Progr multi-tone telephone rin
PCF 7534
PCF 8570 256 x 8-bit SRAM w I²C
PCF 8571 128 x 8 SRAM w I²C
PCF 8573P
PCF 8574AP
PCF 8574AP I2C Remote 8-bit I/O Expander
PCF 8574P
PCF 8574P I2C Remote 8-bit I/O Expander
PCF 8582C 256 x 8 EEPROM 3mS
PCF 8591P
PCF 8591P 4-Channel. 8-bit MUX ADC/1xDAC
PCF 8593P
PCF 8593P Clock/calendar. 240 x 8-bit RA
PIC 12C508-04 8b uP. 4 MHz. 512 EPROM
PIC 16CE625-20P 8b uP.2Kx14 EEPROM 4MHz.
PIC 16F625 8b uP.2Kx14 EEPROM 4MHz.
PIC 16F628
PIC 16F630 8b uP.2Kx14 EEPROM 4MHz.
PIC 16F676
PIC 16F684
PIC 16F690
PIC 16F84-20 8-bits uProc w flash eeprom
PIC 16F88 8-bits uProc w flash eeprom
PLL 08A PLL Circuit
PM 725
PM 7524HP 8 bit Multiplying DAC
PM 7541GP
R03 2513 Microchip
RC 4132 Quad ua741
RC 4558 Dual gen purpose Opamp
RC 4559 Dual gen purpose Opamp
RC 4709 Quad Opamp. (4 x 709)
RC 702D
REF 43GP L-Pwr.Precision Volt.Ref
RH 04
RSN 3502
S 041P FM IF Amplifier
S 100W Ampl
S 1469 Linear FM-Receiver
S 1998 Digital Alarm Clock
S 2710
S 566B Luminance Control
SAA 1006
SAA 1010
SAA 1020
SAA 1024 30 Chnnl.US Transmitter
SAA 1029
SAA 1044P Colour Processor
SAA 1050 64 codes IR Transmitter
SAA 1056 AM/FM freq synt
SAA 1057 AM/FM Freq. Synthesizer
SAA 1059 125MHz Amplifier divider
SAA 1060 LED Display Interface
SAA 1075 Digital Tuning Memory
SAA 1082 US-FB Transmitter
SAA 1099 Stereo Muzik Synthesizer
SAA 1250 64 Code IR Transmitter
SAA 1276 Dig.Tuning Displ.Driver
SAA 3006 32x64 Code IR Transmitr
SAA 3007 20x64 Code IR Transmitr
SAA 3010P Remote Control Circuit
SAA 5020 TXT Pulse Generator
SAA 5030 TXT Video Processor
SAA 5041 TXT Acquisition/Contrlr
SAA 5051 TXT Char. ROM German
SAA 5246 IC² TXT Bus Controller
SAA 7220 CD Dual Digital Filter
SAA 9042P
SAB 0600
SAB 0602
SAB 1795 Floppy Cont.2Side. INV.
SAB 1797 Floppy Cont.2Side.Not INV.
SAB 2793 Floppy Disk Controller
SAB 2797 Floppy Disk Controller
SAB 3034 Tuning/Syntheszr 6b DAC
SAB 3209 16 + 3 Code IR Receiver
SAB 3210 60 Code IR Transmitter
SAB 4209 16 + 4 code IR receiver
SAB 4212
SAB 80C535 8b ROMl.Single Chip uP
SAB 8155-2-P 256 x 8 SRAM I/O & Timer 3 MHz
SAB 8224 Clock Gen. & Driver
SAB 8284 Clock Driver 8 MHz = D 71084
SAD 1024 Bucket Memory
SAD 4096 2048-Stage BBD
SAE 0700 Signal Tone Generator
SAE 0800 Drietonige gong DIP-8
SAF 1032 IR-FB Receiver
SAF 1039P 32 Code IR Transmitter
SAF 1091 Tachometer
SAF 7579 Radio Data System (RDS) Demod.
SAJ 110 Freq.Divider For Organs
SAK 140 DIL-16
SAS 211
SAS 560
SAS 570S Quad Touch Sensor Amp.
SAS 580 SAS 560S + LED Driver
SAS 590 SAS 570S + LED Driver
SAS 660 Quad Touch Sensor Amp.
SAS 670 Quad Touch Sensor Amp.
SDA 2526 256 x 8 EEPROM 15mS
SDA 3002
SDA 3202-2 TV PLL-Tunin 62.5KHz
SDA 3302 TV PLL Tuning
SG 3401
SG 3524N SG 3524N
SG 3525A Pulse Width Mod = SG3525
SG 3526 Pulse Width Modulator Contr.
SK 3875
SL 1430 Ultra Linear IF Pre Amp.
SL 441C
SL 480 IR Pulsed Preamplifier
SL 486 Rem. Control IR Preamp.
SL 490 Rem.Control Transmitter
SLB 0587 Dimmer IC
SMP 11
SMR 40200
SMR 40200 Pwr Suppy Controller
SN 158093
SN 158097
SN 15844
SN 15862 Triple 3-input NAND
SN 15936
SN 161862
SN 16861N 4-Bit memory
SN 16862AN Quad Touch Sensor Amp.
SN 16880N Logic Level Indicator
SN 16889P Lin. LED Display Encoder
SN 28654N Servo Driver
SN 29740N 16 LED Display Driver
SN 29764AN bin.to 7Segm. Dcdr/Drvr
SN 29767N Video IF Amp. With AFC
SN 29770BN Quad Analog Switch
SN 29771BN Quad Analog Switch
SN 29772BN Quad Analog Switch
SN 29788N Linear Circuit
SN 29791N Octal Touch Sensor Amp.
SN 52747N 2 OP amps in a single case
SN 72560
SN 72702N Single Op-Amp Gen.Purp.
SN 72720N Dual Volt comperator
SN 72748N Single Op-Amp Gen.Purp
SN 72748P Single Op-Amp Gen.Purp
SN 73331AD
SN 73351AD
SN 73421AB
SN 75107AN Dual Diff.Line Receiver
SN 75108BN Dual Diff.Line Receiver
SN 75110AN IC SN75110AN
SN 75110N IC SN75110N
SN 75114N Dual Diff. Line Driver
SN 75116N Dual Line Transceiver
SN 75121N Dual Line Driver with AND
SN 75138
SN 75150N IC SN75150N DIP-8
SN 75150P Dual Line Driver
SN 75154D SMD Quad Line Receiver
SN 75154N Quad Line Receiver
SN 75161AN 8 Chnl.Bus Transceiver
SN 75172N Quad Diff. Line Driver
SN 75173N Quad Diff.Line Receiver
SN 75174N Line driver. quad
SN 75175N Line receiver. quad
SN 75176N Diff. Bus Transceiver
SN 75182N Dual Line Receiver
SN 75183N Dual Line Driver
SN 75188 SMD Quad Line Driver
SN 75188AN Quad Line Driver
SN 75189 SMD Quad Line Receiver
SN 75189AN Quad Line Receiver
SN 7520
SN 7525N
SN 75322 Dual AND TTL to MOS Driver DIL
SN 75325N Dual Memory Driver
SN 75361P Dual TTL to MOS Driver
SN 75372 Dual MOS Driver
SN 75381
SN 75431 Dual Pos-AND Pwr Driver
SN 75450 Dual Pos-AND Pwr.Driver
SN 75451 Dual Pos-AND Pwr.Driver
SN 75452 Dual Pos-NAND Pwr.Driver
SN 75453 Dual Pos-OR Power Driver
SN 75454
SN 75471 2x Interface Driver. pos AND
SN 75478 Dual Pos-OR Power Driver
SN 75491 Quad LED Segment Driver
SN 75492 HEX LED Digit Driver
SN 75494
SN 75498 9 LED Digit Driver
SN 75C189 Quad Line Receiver
SN 76001 LF power Amp. 1.5W
SN 76013 6W AF Power Amplifier
SN 76131 Dual Low Noise Opamp.
SN 76396
SN 76477
SO 41P FM IF Ampl+Demodulator
SO 42P Mixer 200MHz
SONG 2 US Receiver/Controller
SP 0256A
SP 380N
SP 485CS
SP 8647 Divider 250MHz : 10/11
SP 8755B
SP 8755B Divider 1GHz : 20/22
SP 8755BDG
SP 8755BDG Divider 1GHz : 20/22
SP 8794B
SP 8794B Prescaler. hi-speed
SPH 4692 Power Hybrid for SMPS
SSM 2016 Differential Pre Amp.
SSM 2024P Quad Currnt Contrld Amp
STK 0025 AF Power Amp.>23W +- 24.4V 10p
STK 0039 AF Power Amp.>35W +- 31V 10p
STK 0040 AF Power Amp.>40W +- 33V 10p
STK 0049 AF Power Amp.>45W +- 35V 10p
STK 0050 AF Power Amp.>50W +- 36V 10p
STK 0060 AF Power Amp.>60W +- 40V 10p
STK 0080 AF Power Amp.>80W +- 46V 10p
STK 025 AF Power Amp.>20W +- 22V 10p
STK 080 AF Power Amp.>30W +- 27V 10p
STK 080 AF Power Amp.>30W +- 27V 10p
STK 082 AF Power Amp.>35W +- 30V 10p
STK 1070 II
STK 2025 Dual Pwr.Amp.>20W +- 24V 16p
STK 2230 Dual Pwr.Amp.>30W +- 30V 16p
STK 3041 Dual Volt.(pre) Amp. +-55V 16p
STK 4036 AF Power Amp.>50W +- 35V 15p
STK 4036II AF Power Amp.>50W +- 35V 15p
STK 4036XI AF Power Amp.>50W +- 37V 15p
STK 4048V AF Power Amp.>150W +- 60V 18p
STK 4142II Dual Pwr.Amp.>25W +- 26V 18p
STK 435 Dual Pwr.Amp.>7W +27V 15p
STK 4352 Dual Pwr.Amp.>7W +27V 15p
STK 441 Dual Pwr.Amp.>20W +44V 15p
STK 465 Dual Pwr.Amp.>25W +- 26V 16p
STK 5315 Dual Volt.Reg.18V 1.1A &3A 10p
STK 5326 Dual Volt.Reg.12/1.6 &13V/2.5A
STK 5471 3 Output Volt. Regulator 15p
STK 5490
STK 7563G-II Dual Volt.Reg. 5/3.6 & 24V/10A
STK 795 Choppered Switching Reg. 8p
STR 11006 oltage regulator 7.15V 0.8A
STR 20013 SIL-5
STR 30125 Regulator Circuit 125V
STR 40090
STR 4090A
STR 54041 TV Transistor Network
STR 5412
STRD 1806 SIL-5
STRG 6153
STV 9379 ZIP-7
SY 6503
T 3086 IC T3086
T 3805
TA 7060 FM IF Amplifier
TA 7061BP SIL-7
TA 7063 Gen. Purpose Pre Amp.
TA 7089P 3.3-33 Volt Regulator
TA 7108 Dual Equalizer Amp.
TA 7130P FM IF Amp. & Detector
TA 7130P
TA 7140 Headphone Amplifier
TA 7140P Headphone Amplifier
TA 7148P CTV Chroma Demodulator
TA 7149P CTV Subcarrier Osc.
TA 7161P CTV Chroma Demodulator
TA 7200P LF Power Amp. 3.3W
TA 7201P LF Power Amp. 5.8W
TA 7202P LF Power Amp. 6.5W
TA 7203P Dual LF Power Amp. 2W
TA 7203P
TA 7204P LF Power Amp. 4.2W
TA 7205AP Dual LF Power Amp. 5.8W
TA 7207P LF Power Amp. 0.95W
TA 7208P LF Power Amp. 2W
TA 7214P Dual LF Power Amp. 4.8W
TA 7215P Dual LF Power Amp. 2.2W
TA 7227P Dual LF Power Amp. 5.5W
TA 7232P Dual LF Power Amp. 2.2W
TA 7233P Dual LF Power Amp. 4.5W
TA 7240AP Dual LF Power Amp. 5.8W
TA 7241AP Dual LF Power Amp. 5.8W
TA 7250 HIFI LF Power Amp. 23W
TA 7264P Dual LF Power Amp. 5.8W
TA 7270P Dual LF Power Amp. 5.8W
TA 7271P Dual LF Power Amp. 5.8W
TA 7274P LF Power Amp. 12W
TA 7280P Dual LF Power Amp. 3.3W
TA 7281P Dual LF Power Amp. 4.3W
TA 7283 Dual LF Power Amp. 4.5W
TA 7288 SIL-10
TA 7299P Dual LF Power Amp. W
TA 7303 FM demod
TA 7317 Speaker Protection
TA 7317P Speaker Protection
TA 7322P Pre Amplifier
TA 7336P LF Power Amp. 0.3W
TA 7362P Muting Circuit
TA 75358 Dual Op-Amp
TA 7604P PLL FM Stereo Multiplxr
TA 7607AP Video IF Amp. + AGC.
TA 7609AP TV Hor/Vert Sync.+ Osc.
TA 7613AP DIL-16
TA 7614AP AM/FM IF Amp./Demodultr
TA 7616P AM Tuning Circuit
TA 7628HP Pre & Pwr.Amp. 0.6W
TA 7640AP AM/FM IF Amp./Detector
TA 7668 Tape Rec. Dual Pre Amp.
TA 7680AP Video+Sound IF Amp.+AGC
TA 7698AP TV Video/Chroma/Sync.IC
TA 8201AK Audio Power Amplifier
TA 8210 Car Dual Audio Pwr Ampl 22W
TA 8215 H
TA 8215 L
TA 8215H Audio Power Amplifier
TA 8215L SIL-17
TA 8220H Dual Audio Pwr Ampl 18V 19W
TA 8227P DIL-12+
TAA 242
TAA 243
TAA 263 3 Step AF/RF Amplifier
TAA 2765A Dual Opamp.
TAA 293 3 Step amplifier
TAA 300 LF Amplifier
TAA 310 LF Amplifier
TAA 320 LF Amplifier
TAA 350 RF Amp. High AM Limiting
TAA 435 5 Step LF Amplifier
TAA 450 RF Amplifier/Detector
TAA 4765A Quad Opamp. (4xTAA765A)
TAA 550 33V Reference Circuit
TAA 570 RF Amp. & FM Detector
TAA 611A12
TAA 611B-12 LF Power Amp. 2.1W
TAA 630S Synchronius PAL Demod.
TAA 640 TV Sound IF Amplifier
TAA 661 TV Sound IF Amplifier
TAA 765 Opamp. -25 +85C
TAA 765A Opamp. -25 +85C
TAA 780 1.1V Reference Circuit FP-4
TAA 840
TAA 861 Opamp. Vcc 10V
TAA 865 Opamp. -25 +85C
TAG 560
TAG 660
TBA 120 TV Sound IF Amp./Demod.
TBA 120S TV Sound IF Amp./Demod.
TBA 120S3 TV Sound IF Amp./Demod.
TBA 120T IC TBA 120T - uitlopend
TBA 120U TV Sound IF Amp./Demod.
TBA 1440G Video IF Amp.+AGC (PNP)
TBA 221 Monolithic Opamp = UA741
TBA 221B Opamp
TBA 240
TBA 331 5 NPN Transistor Array
TBA 395 PAL Chroma + Ref. Osc.
TBA 396 PAL Lumin./Chroma Cntrl
TBA 440C Video IF Amp.+AGC (PNP)
TBA 440P Video IF Amp.+AGC (PNP)
TBA 460Q AM/FM IF & Power Amp.
TBA 480 TV Sound IF Amplifier
TBA 500P CTV Video
TBA 510 PAL Chroma Circuit
TBA 520 PAL Synch. Demodulator
TBA 530 PAL RGB Matrix
TBA 540 PAL Reference Oscillatr
TBA 550Q
TBA 560 PAL Chroma/Video Amp.
TBA 560A PAL Chroma/Video Amp.
TBA 560C PAL Chroma/Video Amp.
TBA 570
TBA 570A AM/FM Receiver
TBA 690
TBA 700 AM/FM IF Amp.+ Pwr.Amp.
TBA 720
TBA 730
TBA 750C TV Sound IF Amplifier
TBA 760 TV Vert. Synch.
TBA 800 TV LF Pwr. Amp. 24V 5W
TBA 810
TBA 810AT LF Pwr. Amp. 14V 4W
TBA 810P
TBA 810S
TBA 820H LF Pwr. Ampl. 16V 2W
TBA 820M Audio Amplifier 3-16V Max. 2W
TBA 900
TBA 920 TV Hor.Synch.Oscillator
TBA 920S TV Hor.Synch.Oscillator
TBA 920T TV Hor.Synch.Oscillator
TBA 940 TV Hor.Synch.Oscillator
TBA 950
TBA 970 Video Amp.+ Lumin.Cntrl
TBA 990 PAL Synch. Demodulator
TC 4427
TC 5089
TC 5501
TC 551001 PL-10L
TC 551001PL 128K x 8 Static RAM
TC 5564 PL-15
TC 7650PA Choppr-Stabilized Opamp.
TC 7662 BCPA
TCA 150NB Eind versterker
TCA 160B LF Pre + Pwr.Amp. 9V 1W
TCA 205A Threshold Sw.+ Adj.Hyst
TCA 210 LF Pre+Pwr.Amp.12V 0.8W
TCA 240
TCA 290A Stereo Decoder
TCA 3089
TCA 311 Opamp. Vcc=15
TCA 311A Opamp. Vcc=15
TCA 315 Opamp. Vcc=15
TCA 321
TCA 321A
TCA 440 AM Receiver
TCA 4500A Stereo Decoder
TCA 4511 PLL Stereo Decoder
TCA 520B Precision Opamp.
TCA 600C
TCA 640
TCA 650 PAL/Secam Synch. Demod.
TCA 660
TCA 660B Adj. Lum./Focus Control
TCA 680
TCA 700
TCA 730 Stereo DC Vol/Bal.Cntrl
TCA 740 Stereo DC Tone Control
TCA 750
TCA 785 Phase Control Circuit
TCA 810A
TCA 830 LF Pwr. Amp. 9V 2W
TCA 830S LF Pwr. Amp. 9V 2W
TCA 900 Motor Speed Regulator
TCA 910 Motor Speed Regulator
TCA 940 LF Pwr. Amp. 20V 10W
TCA 965 Lineaire IC. Vensterdiskrimina
TCM 1520AP Telefoon Ring Detector
TCM 5089 DTMF tone encoder
TCM1705 Telefoon Speech circuit
TCS 3200D
TD 108M Modulair stekker RJ45 (Solid cable)
TDA 1001A FM Noise Suppresor
TDA 1001B FM Noise Suppresor
TDA 1002A Rec/Playback Amp. +ALC
TDA 1003
TDA 1004 LF Power Amp. 14V 6.2W
TDA 1005A
TDA 1006A Motor Speed Regulator
TDA 1008 8 Organ Step Divider
TDA 1009 Dual LF Pwr.Amp.16V 6W
TDA 1010A LF Power Amp. 14V 6.2W
TDA 1011 LF Power Amp. 12V 4.2W
TDA 1012 Rec./Playback +Pwr. Amp
TDA 1015 LF Power Amp. 12V 4.2W
TDA 1020 LF Power Amp. 14V 12W
TDA 1022P 512 Step Delay Circuit
TDA 1026
TDA 1028 Quad Opamp. Select Inp.
TDA 1029 Dual Opamp. Select Inp.
TDA 1035T TV Sound IF/Pre/Pwr.Amp
TDA 1037 LF Pwr. Ampl. 28V 5W
TDA 1046 AM Recvr/Demod./Pre Amp
TDA 1048 TV AM-Sound IF Amp.
TDA 1054 Pre Ampl Rec/Playback
TDA 1059 Motor Speed Regulator
TDA 1060 IC TDA 1060
TDA 1072AT AM Receiver + Pre Amp. SO-16
TDA 1074A Dual DC Cntrl. Trimmer
TDA 1082 TV EW Correction Circ.
TDA 1083 AM/FM IF & Pwr.Amp.0.3W
TDA 1087 2 NPN Trns.(VHF Mixer)
TDA 1120B
TDA 1151 Motor Speed Regulator
TDA 1154 Motor Speed Regulator
TDA 1170 D TV Vert. Synch. +Osc.
TDA 1170 DN TV Vert. Synch. +Osc.
TDA 1175 TV Vert. Synch. +Osc.
TDA 1175P TV Vert. Synch. +Osc.
TDA 1180P TV Hor. Synch. +Osc.
TDA 1190 1 Chip TV Sound Circ.
TDA 1190Z 1 Chip TV Sound Circ.
TDA 1200 DIL-16
TDA 1220B AM/FM Receiver
TDA 1270 TV Vert.Synch.+Osc.+Amp
TDA 1308T
TDA 1405 5V 850mA Regulator
TDA 1420 NF-E TV-VA-E 44V
TDA 1420H NF-E TV-VA-E 44V
TDA 1470 TV Vert.Synch.+Osc.+Amp
TDA 1506
TDA 1510Q Dual LF Pwr.Amp.14V 12W
TDA 1512A LF Power Amp. 32V 21W
TDA 1512AQ LF Power Amp. 32V 21W
TDA 1514A LF Power Amp. +-27V 38W
TDA 1514AQ LF Power Amp. +-27V 38W
TDA 1515A Dual LF Pwr.Amp.14V 15W
TDA 1516AQ Dual LF Pwr.Amp.14V 10W
TDA 1516Q Dual LF Pwr.Amp.14V 10W
TDA 1517 Dual LF Power Amp. 6W
TDA 1518BQ Dual LF Pwr.Amp.14V 10W
TDA 1519 IC TDA 1519
TDA 1519A IC TDA 1519
TDA 1521A Dual LF Pwr.Amp.+-16V 15W SL-9
TDA 1522 Dual Recorder Pre Amp.
TDA 1543 Dual 16 b Economy DAC
TDA 1553Q Dual Audio Pwr.Amp. BTL
TDA 1554Q Quad/Dual Audio Pwr.Amp
TDA 1557Q Dual BTL Audio Pwr.Amp.
TDA 1560Q High Pwr. Amplifier 40W
TDA 1576 FM IF Amp./Demod.+AFC
TDA 1579 Traffic Code Decoder
TDA 1594 11 LED Display Driver
TDA 1672A
TDA 1675A
TDA 1701 TV Sound IF/Pre/Pwr.Amp
TDA 1770 TV Vert.Sync + Osc. + Amp
TDA 1870A TV Vert.Sync + Osc. + Amp
TDA 1905 LF Power Amp. 14V 5.5W
TDA 1908 LF Power Amp. 22V 8W
TDA 1910 LF Power Amp. 24V 12W
TDA 1950 TV Hor.Synch. +Osc.
TDA 2002V LF Power Amp. 18V 8W
TDA 2003V LF Power Amp. 18V 10W
TDA 2004 Dual LF Pwr.Amp.18V 10W
TDA 2005M Bridge amplifier 20W Multiwatt
TDA 2006 LF Pwr. Amp. +-15V 12W
TDA 2007 Dual LF Pwr. Amp. 14V 6W
TDA 2008A LF Power Amp. 22V 12W
TDA 2009 Dual LF Pwr.Amp.24V 10W
TDA 2030A Amplifier 14W Pentawatt
TDA 2040V IC TDA 2040V
TDA 2050V LF Hifi Power Amp. 32W
TDA 2054M Recording/Playback Amp.
TDA 2140 PAL Reference Oscilator
TDA 2150 TV Video/Chroma Amp.
TDA 2151 TV Video/Chroma Amp.
TDA 2160 Chroma Demod/RGB Matrix
TDA 2161 Chroma Demod/RGB Matrix
TDA 2170 TV Vert Osc + Pwr
TDA 2220 AM/FM IF Amplifier
TDA 2320A Dual HiFi Pre Amplifier
TDA 2510 PAL Chroma Amplifier
TDA 2518Q I²C chip
TDA 2520 PAL Synchronizer/Demod.
TDA 2521/3 PAL Synchronizer/Demod.
TDA 2525 PAL Synchronizer/Demod.
TDA 2530 TV RGB Matrix
TDA 2540 Video IF Amp. + AGC
TDA 2541 Video IF Amp. + AGC
TDA 2542 Secam Version Of TDA 2541
TDA 2543
TDA 2545 TV Quasi Parallel Sound
TDA 2546A TV Quasi Parallel Sound
TDA 2549 Neg+Pos Video Amp.+ AGC
TDA 2560 PAL Video + Chroma Amp.
TDA 2579A TV Hor + Vert Synch/Osc
TDA 2581 Switch Mode Power Supp.
TDA 2582 Switch Mode Power Supp.
TDA 2591 TV Hor + Vert Synch/Osc
TDA 2593 IC TDA 2593
TDA 2594 TV Hor Synchr. + Osc.
TDA 2595 TV Hor Synchr. + Osc.
TDA 2611AQ LF Power Amp. 25V 5W
TDA 2612Q
TDA 2620 TV Tube-Display Driver
TDA 2630 Quad Touch Sensor Amp.
TDA 2631 Quad Touch Sensor Amp.
TDA 2640 Switched Mode Pwr.Supp.
TDA 2651 IC
TDA 2652 IC
TDA 2653A TV Vert Yoke Pwr. Amp.
TDA 2655 IC
TDA 2670 Video IF Amplifier
TDA 2680 TV-Signal Proc.
TDA 2690 Video Amplifier
TDA 2740 Dropout Detector
TDA 2750 Video IF Amplifier
TDA 2760 Chroma Amplifier
TDA 2780AQ TV vertical deflection
TDA 2790
TDA 2791 FM Demod.+DC Tone Cntrl
TDA 2791Q FM Demod.+DC Tone Cntrl
TDA 2795 TV Stereo Indicator
TDA 2822M Dual LF Pwr.Amp.6V 0.65W DIL-8
TDA 2840 TV Quasi Parallel Sound
TDA 3000 LF Power Amp. 24V 15W
TDA 3082 7 NPN Transistor Array
TDA 3301 TV Pal/NTSC decoder
TDA 3310 5 NPN Transistor Array
TDA 3410 Dual Recorderhead Amp.
TDA 3420 Dual Pre Amplifier
TDA 3500 Chrma.Cntrl.Combination
TDA 3505 Chrma Cntrl Combination
TDA 3520 SECAM Decoder
TDA 3560A PAL Decoder
TDA 3564 NTSC Decoder
TDA 3565 PAL Decoder
TDA 3566 PAL/NTSC Decoder
TDA 3570 NTSC Decoder
TDA 3571B Hor & Vert Sync.Circuit
TDA 3571BQ Hor & Vert Sync.Circuit
TDA 3576 Hor & Vert Sync.Circuit
TDA 3580 PAL Decoder
TDA 3640 Switched Mode Pwr.Supp.
TDA 3650 Vert. Deflection Circ.
TDA 3653B Vert. Deflection Circ.sm
TDA 3653BQ Vert. Deflection Circ.bg
TDA 3653C Vert. Deflection Circ.sm
TDA 3653CQ Vert. Deflection Circ.sm
TDA 3654 Vert. Deflection Circ.
TDA 3654Q Vert. Deflection Circ.
TDA 3800A Stereo Sound Processor
TDA 3810 Quasi Stereo Sound Circ
TDA 4010 AM Receiver
TDA 4260 Auto Frequency Control
TDA 4282T FM IF/Quasi Stereo Cir.
TDA 4290V DC Tone & Volume Contrl
TDA 4290V DC Tone & Volume Contrl
TDA 440 Gain Controller
TDA 440 Gain Controller
TDA 4400 Video IF + AGC
TDA 440B Gain Controller
TDA 440S Gain Controller
TDA 4420
TDA 4421 Video IF + AGC
TDA 4422 Video IF + AGC
TDA 4429 Video LF ampl
TDA 4431 Auto Frequency Control
TDA 4433 Auto Frequency Control
TDA 4440 Video IF + AGC
TDA 4442 Video IF + AGC
TDA 4450 Video IF + AGC
TDA 4482
TDA 4505 TV Signal Processor
TDA 4565 CTI Circ.+ Prog.Y Delay
TDA 4580 IC TDA4580
TDA 4600-2 Switched Mode Pwr. Supp.
TDA 4600-3 Switched Mode Pwr. Supp.
TDA 4601
TDA 4601 Switched Mode Pwr. Supp
TDA 4601D Switched Mode Pwr. Supp
TDA 4605 IC TDA4605
TDA 4610 E/W Correction Circuit
TDA 4650 Multi TV Color Encoder
TDA 4660 64uS Baseband Delayline
TDA 4661 DIL-16
TDA 4680
TDA 4700A Control Circuit for SMP
TDA 4810 Sync& Horizontal driver
TDA 4918A SMPS Controller 150KHz
TDA 4950 E/W Correction Circuit
TDA 5660P HF Modulator 48-860 MHz
TDA 5700 Receiver Sys.
TDA 5708 CD Photo/Signal Proc.
TDA 5830 Stereo Sound + Video IF
TDA 5850 Multistandard Video Amp.
TDA 6111Q 16 MHz Video Output Amp.
TDA 7000 FM Receiver
TDA 7021 FM Stereo Receiver
TDA 7040T PLL Stereo Decoder
TDA 7050 2 LF Pwr. Amp. 4.5V 0.1W
TDA 7050T 2 LF Pwr. Amp. 4.5V 0.1W
TDA 7052 LF Power Amp. 18V 1W
TDA 7052A LF Power Amp. 18V 1W
TDA 7053 Dual LF Pwr.Amp.18V 1W
TDA 7056B
TDA 7232 LF Pre Amp./Compressor
TDA 7240
TDA 7250 Dual Audio Pwr. Driver
TDA 7267A
TDA 7270S Multifunction Tape Syst
TDA 7275 Motor Speed Regulator
TDA 7293
TDA 7294 Power Audio Amp. 100W
TDA 7296
TDA 7374 ZIP-15
TDA 7495
TDA 7770 Recorder Function Control
TDA 8140 Hor. Deflection Driver
TDA 8145 East/West Correction Cir
TDA 8170 Vert Deflection Driver
TDA 8171
TDA 8190 TV Sound Ch. DC Control
TDA 8191
TDA 8350Q DC Defl. Vert. Outp. Amp. & EW
TDA 8351 DC Defl. Vert. Outp. Amp
TDA 8356 IC TDA 8356 Philips
TDA 8370 TV Sync. Processor
TDA 8391 CTV. PAL-Decoder. RGB-Matrix
TDA 8442 Col. Decoder bus Interf
TDA 8551 DIL-8
TDA 8560Q
TDA 8565Q Quad car radio power ampl 12W
TDA 8703 8 bit AD Converter
TDA 8706 6-bit A/D conv. w Mulipl
TDA 8708 Complex 8b AD Converter
TDA 8741 Sat. sound rec. w I²C-bus ctrl
TDA 9160A
TDA 9302H
TDA2108 / MN3008 2048 Step Delay Circuit
TEA 1002 PAL Color Encod./Summer
TEA 1007 Phase Cntrl. Motor Reg.
TEA 1019
TEA 1020 TV VA-Osc
TEA 1039 Switced Mode Power Supp.
TEA 1060 Transm.Circ. + Dialler
TEA 1062 Tel. Transmission Circ.
TEA 1064 Tel. Transmission Circ.
TEA 1087 TV OFW/SAW Filter Driver
TEA 2004
TEA 2014 Video Signal Switch
TEA 2018 Current SMPS
TEA 2025B Dual LF Pwr. Amp. 1W
TEA 2029C Deflection & SMPS Proc.
TEA 2031A E/W+ Keystone Correction
TEA 2164
TEA 2260 DIL-16
TEA 2261 Switched Mode Pwr. Supp.
TEA 5101B IC TEA 5101B
TEA 5114A 2 RGB Switches 20 MHz
TEA 5170 SMPS controller Ucc=5..14V
TEA 5560 FM IF System
TEA 5570 AM/FM Radio Receiver
TEA 5580 PLL Stereo Decoder
TEA 6100 FM IF System for uP.
TEA 6360 5 band Stereo-Equl w I²C
TEA 7034 Reset. lo-drop. 4.8..5.2V. 0.5
TL 011 Fixed Ratio Cur. Mirror
TL 022CP Dual Low Power Opamp.
TL 044CN Quad Low Power Opamp.
TL 062CN Dual Low Pwr.JFET Opamp.
TL 064CN Quad Low Pwr.JFET Opamp
TL 071CP Lineair IC TL 071CP
TL 072CP Dual JFET OPAMP Low Noise DIL-
TL 080CP Non Compens. JFET Opamp.
TL 081CN JFET Opamp.
TL 082 Dual JFET Opamp
TL 084 Dual JFET Opamp
TL 092 Quad JFET Opamp
TL 16C450 UART with 16 bit FIFO
TL 431CP Adj. Presision Shunt Reg
TL 431CTI Adj. Presision Shunt Reg
TL 487CP
TL 494CN Pulse Wide Modulator
TL 497ACN Switching Voltage Reg.
TL 501CJ 10 bit Analog Processor
TL 507CP Low Cost 7 bit AD Conv.
TL 514C
TL 7702 2V Voltage Supervisor SO-8
TL 7705 5V Voltage Supervisor SO-8
TL 7712 12V Voltage Supervisor
TL 7715 15V Voltage Supervisor
TL 780-12C
TL 783
TLC 2201 Low Noise Precision Opamp
TLC 271CP OPAMP CMOS 3-16V Low power/low
TLC 272
TLC 272CP Dual OPAMP CMOS 3-16V Low powe
TLC 274CN Quad Precis/ CMOS Opamp
TLC 372 Dual Diff. Comparator
TLC 372CP Dual Diff. Comparator
TLC 549CP 8-Bit Serial-Out ADC
TLC 555CP Timer Circuit
TLC 555CP Timer LincMOS DIL-8
TLC 556CN Dual timer 2x 555 NMOS
TLC 556CN Dual LinMOS Timer
TLE 2022
TLP 227G-2 Opamp
TLP 250
TM 4105M
TMP 47C434
TMP 9129N
TMP 9129NL
TMS 1122
TMS 2114-15 1K x 4 SRAM 150nS
TMS 2532 4K x 8 EPROM 300nS
TMS 2564 8K x 8 EPROM 450nS
TMS 27C1024
TMS 27C210
TMS 3612ANC 7-Stage Divider Retro Generic
TMS 370 C742
TMS 4464-10
TMS 9129
TMS 9901NL Prog. System Interface
TMS 9914ANL GPIB Adapter
TNY 253 Switching power
TNY 255 Switching power
TNY 264 PN Switching power
TNY 266 PN Switching power
TNY 268 Switching power
TNY 275 Switching power
TNY 278 Switching power
TNY 279PN Switching power
TNY 285PN Switching power
TOP 202
TOP 254 Switching power
TS 555CN
TSA 5512 1.3 GHz Bi-dir I²C-bus PLL
TUA 2000-4
U 106
U 106BS
U 1096B 30 Element LED Driver
U 120 Up/Down counter
U 143M 1.5 Digit LED Driver
U 2067B Stereo LED Driver (2x5)
U 211B Phase Cntrl.Motor Drivr
U 217 Phase Cntrl.Motor Drivr.
U 221B
U 237BG 5 LED Driver Circuit
U 2400B Auto Charger Circuit
U 2401B Auto Charger Circuit
U 2432B Dual LF Pwr.Amp.3V 400mW
U 243B Car Alarm Light Driver
U 247B 5 LED Driver Circuit
U 254B 5 LED Driver Circuit
U 257B 5 LED Driver Circuit
U 267B 5 LED Driver Circuit
U 2829B Dual FM-IF Amp.+ Demod
U 2860B IC
U 3082 19 LED Driver Circuit
U 3082M 19 LED Driver Circuit
U 336M Rem.Cntrl.Receiver Cir.
U 337M
U 401BR Noise Reduction System
U 410B LF Power Amp. 3-15V 1W
U 440
U 450B
U 6060B 1GHz Freq.-divider. 1:256
U 6202
U 664B
U 665B 1 GHz Prescalr :960/1024
U 686BS 1 HHz Prescaler 1:256
U 8442 B
UA 2240 Programmable Timer/Counter
UA 3086 DC
UA 702 Wideband DC Amplifier
UA 709H Opamp.
UA 709N-8
UA 710CN
UA 710N-8 Voltage Comparator
UA 715H High Speed Opamp
UA 715N-14 High Speed Opamp
UA 723
UA 723CH Precision Voltage Reg.
UA 723CN Precision Voltage Reg.
UA 725HC
UA 733CN Differential Video Amp.
UA 739
UA 740H
UA 741CH Opamp.
UA 741N-08
UA 741N-14
UA 747CH Dual Opamp.
UA 747CK Dual Opamp.
UA 747N Op-Amp
UA 748N-8 Opamp.
UA 759HC
UA 9368
UA 9368PC 7 Segm. LED Driver
UA 9374
UA 9374PC 7 Segm. LED Driver
UA 9636ACP Dual Line Driver
UA 9637ACP Dual Diff. Line Receiver
UAA 1006 DIL-18
UAA 145 Phase Control
UAA 170 16 LED Display Driver
UAA 180 18 LED Display Driver
UAA 190 On Screen Tuning Indic.
UAA 4006A Switched Mode Pwr.Supp.
UAA 4006ADP Switched Mode Pwr.Supp.
UAA 4006DP Switched Mode Pwr.Supp.
UC 2842AN
UC 3842B PWM controller current-mode
UC 3842BD SMD PWM controller current-mode
UC 3843
UC 3843A Current-Mode PWM Cntrllr.SO-14
UC 3844 Current-Mode PWM Cntrllr.
UC 3845 Current-Mode PWM Cntrllr
UDN 2580A Octal Transistor Array
UDN 2585 Octal Transistor Array
UDN 2984 Octal Transistor Array
UDN 2993 B
UL 1970 16 LED Display Driver = UAA170
ULN 2001A Darlington array 7 voudig 50V/
ULN 2002A IC ULN 2002A DIP
ULN 2003A Darlington array 7 voudig 50V/
ULN 2004A 7xDarlington Array 50V 0.5A 6-
ULN 2004A SMD 7xDarlington Array 50V 0.5A 6-
ULN 2066
ULN 2081 7 NPN Transistor Array
ULN 2801A 8 Darlington Array
ULN 2802A 8 Darlington Array
ULN 2803A 8x Darlington driver 50V 0.5A
ULN 2804A IC ULN 2804A DIP
ULN 2981A
UM 3481A 8 Different Melody Gen.
UM 3483 10 Different Melody Gen
UM 3484 Melody Doorbell Gen.
UM 3511 Organ Generator
UM 5003-02 Geluid generator
UM 5010 Geluid generator
UM 5100 Voice Recording (SRAM)
UM 61256 FK14
UM 6164 BK20
UM 6264AK-10L
UM 6507 8 bits Microprocessor 1MHz
UM 6532 RAM I/O Timer 1MHz
UM 66T08S
UM 66T32L
UM 66T68L
UM 6845
UM 82450
UM 8250B Prog. Communication Interface
UM 8272 Floppy Disk Controller
UM 82C01-1 Capacitance Keyboard Encoder
UM 82C01-2 Capacitance Keyboard Encoder
UM 82C11
UM 8326 Floppy Driver/Data Sep.
UM 9228-1 Floppy Data Separator
UNC 5801A 3 to 8 Line driver
UNC 5804B Stappen moter controller
UNC 5810A Serial to Parallel BiMos
UPA 68H Dual GaAs FET 50V 10mA
UPB 8228C
UPB 8282C Octal Latch Non Inverting
UPB 8283C Octal Latch Inverting
UPB 8287C 8 bit Bus Transceiver Inv.
UPB 8288D Bus Controller 8MHz
UPC 1018C AM Tuner/FM IF Amp.
UPC 1020H Dual Power.Amp.14V 5.2W
UPC 1025 LF Power Amp. 18V 4.8W
UPC 1032 Pre Amplifier
UPC 1035 Rec/Playb. Function Sw.
UPC 1043 C
UPC 1094
UPC 1152H SIL-10
UPC 1181H LF Pwr. Amp. 12V 5.8W
UPC 1182H LF Pwr. Amp. 12V 5.8W
UPC 1183H SIL-10
UPC 1185H Dual LF Pwr.Amp.13V 5.8W
UPC 1186 Dual Low Noise Pre Amp.
UPC 1225H LF HiFi Pwr.Amp.30V 40W
UPC 1228 Dual LF Pre Amplifier
UPC 1230H-2 BTL Power Amp. 12V 20W
UPC 1237H Pwr. Amplifier Protector
UPC 1238 LF Power Amp. 12V 10W
UPC 1270H LF HiFi Pwr.Amp.30V 40W
UPC 1277H Dual LF Pwr.Amp. 12V 4W
UPC 1316C Dual LF Pwr.Amp. 12V 2W
UPC 1318AV BTL Power Amp. 12V 20W
UPC 1350C LF Pre & Pwr.Amp. 500mW
UPC 1363C TV Channel Selector
UPC 1364C SECAM Chroma Processor
UPC 1365 PAL Video/Chroma Proc.
UPC 1365C PAL Video/Chroma Proc.
UPC 1379
UPC 1382C LF Pwr. Amp. for TV use
UPC 1394C Switching Regulator
UPC 1488H
UPC 20
UPC 4560C Dual Wideband Opamp.
UPC 4570C Dual Low Noise Pre-Amp
UPC 552C
UPC 554C
UPC 554C FM Stereo Decoder
UPC 555H
UPC 555H FM IF Amplifier
UPC 566H 200mw Versterker 15V
UPC 566H
UPC 571 H LF Power Amp. 28V 6.2W
UPC 572C LF Power Amp. 28V 6.2W
UPC 573C LF Power Amp. 16V 400mW
UPC 575C-2 LF Pwr. Amplifier 12V 2W
UPC 587C-2 FM Multiplex Stereo Mod
UPD 1822G
UPD 1846G
UPD 1870G
UPD 1986C
UPD 414D
UPD 444C
UPD 552C
UPD 576C
UPD 7002
UPD 765 AC
UPD 765 AC-2
UPD 8088 8 bit Microprocessor 8 MHz
UPD 8214 3 Bit. Priority Interrupt Cont
UPD 8228 C
UPD 979
V 318
V 321
VM 6164BK-20 RAM 8 X 8
W 24257-15 RAM 32 X 8
W 24257-20 RAM 32 X 8
W 2465AK-15 RAM 8 X 8
W24257AK-15 32K × 8 CMOS SRAM
WD 2143 4 Phase Clock Generator
WD 2511A
WD 55B
WD 9216 Floppy Disk Data Sep.
XR 210CN Phase Locked Loop
XR 215CN PLL Circuit 5-35 MHz.
XR 2203
XR 2206CP Function Generator
XR 2207CP Voltage Contolled Osc.
XR 2240CP DIL-16
XR 2242CP Timer IC
XR 2264CP DIL-14
XR 2265CP RC receiver
XR 2271CP 7-Digit/Segment MOS to Vac
XR 4194CN Dual Tracking Regulator
XR 4195CP Dual Tracking Regulator
XR 4202P DIL-16
XR 4212 Quad programmable op amp
ZN 1034 Timer 7 volt
ZN 1066E SMPS Controller
ZN 409CE SMP Servo Driver
ZN 412 Digital thermometer circuit
ZN 416E DIL-8
ZN 424E
ZN 425E8 DIL-16
ZN 427E8 8 bit AD Converter
ZN 428E8 8 bit DA Converter
ZN 429E8 8 bit DA Converter
ZN 435E 8 bit AD DA Convrtr
ZN 436E DIL-14
ZN 448E 8 bit DA Convrtr
ZN 449E 8b uP.Comp. AD Convrtr.